AMC Networks Central Europe Kft.

AMC Networks International - Central Europe (AMCNI - Central Europe), with its headquarters in Budapest, is a leading international company in the field of broadcasting and distribution of thematic television channels with a focus on the Central and Eastern European markets.
The current AMCNI - Central Europe portfolio includes 13 television brands in 4 genres. Sport: Sport1, Sport2, SportM, Kids: Minimax, Megamax, Infotainment: Spektrum, TV Paprika, Spektrum Home and Film: AMC, Film Mania, Filmcafé and Film+ (in the Czech Republic and Slovakia). The channels are programmed for local audiences, languages and markets, and are available on numerous platforms including HD, on-demand and mobile devices.
AMC Networks International – Central Europe is an operating unit of AMC Networks International (AMCNI), the global division of AMC Networks. AMCNI delivers entertaining and acclaimed programming that reaches subscribers in more than 140 countries and territories, including Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. AMCNI consists of global brands, Sundance TV and AMC, as well as popular, locally recognized channels in various programming genres

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AMC is one of the most popular and awarded television brands. AMC is the only channel in television history recognised with Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series four years in a row. Its most celebrated original series include the multiple awards-winning Mad Men, Breaking Bad and Fear the Walking Dead. The channel’s international roll-out started in 2014. AMC was launched in Hungary in November 2014. Since then, AMC has brought a number of exclusive world premieres to Hungarian viewers, including Fear the Walking Dead, Better Call Saul, The Night Manager, Fargo or Into the Badlands.
Sundance TV
Sundance TV is a smart and thought-provoking entertainment destination. Since its launch, Sundance TV has remained true to founder Robert Redford’s mission to celebrate creativity and distinctive story telling through unique voices and narratives found in the best independent films. Bold and imaginative, Sundance Channel offers its viewers a diverse mix of fascinating quality independent films and award-winning original series. The channel has been actively supporting various film festivals across Asia, South America and Europe. The latest movies presented at these festivals are continuously added to its programming lineup.
Focusing on general entertainment, Filmcafé offers a range of blockbusters. Its programming lineup includes both national television premieres and blockbusters, brought to viewers through agreements with the world’s leading distributors (MGM Studios, 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures Television).
Film Mánia
Film Mánia lines up box office hits by the greatest film studios and leading distributors, including award-winning movies by renowned directors, featuring top actors. Film Mánia’s high-quality, diverse and dynamic range focuses on the films of the 1990s and 2000s, including prize-winning works by well-known directors from both Hollywood and Europe. Film Mánia’s mission is to stay committed to quality while catering to the tastes of the local, Hungarian audiences.
Infotainment at its best: Spektrum offers programmes that are eye-catching and thrilling at the same time. In its educational ducumentaries and series, Spektrum seeks answers to the challenges of the future as well as our present, also providing analyses of our history. The most fascinating wildlife films start the weekends, as part of the special new programming stun ‘Window to Nature’. Starting at 10 p.m. each day, historical documentaries and series search and summon up some fascinating changes in human history, under the “History @ Ten” stunt. Be it history, nature or the wonders of science or technology, Spektrum offers authentic edutainment programmes for the entire family, in a manner accessible to a wide public.
Spektrum Home
‘We are at home in beauty and quality’, runs the slogan of Spektrum Home, Central and Eastern Europe’s first thematic TV channel focusing on interior decoration and gardening. Taking a close look at our immediate environment, Spektrum Home offers practical tips, creative ideas and useful advice to everyone on home improvement and the best of gardening.
TV Paprika
A leading cooking channel in Central and Eastern Europe, TV Paprika stands out for the use of quality ingredients, healthy nutrition and the enjoyment of food. Apart from a range of original programmes, those messages are brought home by some of the world’s most popular television chefs, including Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson. TV Paprika has launched two new programming stunts for food enthusiasts. Weekday nights are dedicated to the spirit of ‘A Journey to Gastronomy’: in addition to local dishes, the programmes aired from 10 p.m. every night provide an insight into the cultural background and even the natural beauties and magical landscapes of the countries presented. Weekend afternoons are devoted to sweet delights, offering a wealth of practical baking tricks and delicious pastries.
The Channel of Champions, Sport TV offers regular broadcasts of handball, Hungary’s success sport, from both the men and women EHF Champions League. The UEFA Champions League matches are also aired on Sport1 and Sport2 from each matchday, while the Champions Hockey League and the water polo Champions League complete the Champion’s roster. European Qualifiers matches for World Cup 2018 are also brought to viewers by Sport TV that broadcasts the matches of La Liga, the world’s toughest national championship, the FA Cup, the football cup with the longest tradition, as well as German Cup matches. While the American portfolio is made up of the NFL, the NBA and the NHL, the channel also offers a number of prestigious global events, including ice hockey world championships with the Hungarian national team, handball European and World Championship matches and the Copa América, among others. Live local highlight programmes and sport shows give an extra content for the viewers of broadcasts. Third Half, devoted to the EHF Champions League and Spanish football, Trash Talk to American sports and Road to Milan specialising in the UEFA Champions League. SportM airs award-winning documentaries while Hír-M, its news programme, reports on the most important news in the world of sports seven times a day.
Minimax offers splendid entertainment for children of kindergarten and primary school age. What could be the secret of the unassailable popularity of Minimax? Fine-tuned to local needs, the channel provides children with a varied and high-quality programme mix, which is distinctly free of violence. Minimax offers animated series featuring some of the most popular characters, animation feature films and playful infotainment productions for the youngest audiences. Minimax also organises various events and competitions for families. The channel’s activities can also be followed on its popular website, on its Facebook page which has an enthusiastic fan base and the monthly Minimax Magazine.
Megamax offers successful television series and live-action programmes aimed at young audiences. The best of comedy, action, adventure and music: Megamax’s magnificent mix is geared primarily for boys who have ‘outgrown’ Minimax. The trendy programming lineup includes both everyday heroes and superheroes. Through live-action series, teenagers are able to experience the life situations that are most relevant in their age.
The programme flow of C8 is available every day from 8 p.m., after Minimax’s broadcasting hours. Its free-to-air regularly updated programme flow, designed for a wide audience, provides an insight into the programming lineup of the AMC Networks International – Central Europe sports, movie, children, lifestyle and infotainment channels.