1133 Budapest, Váci út 76.
VIASAT3 is one of the biggest general entertainment channels of Hungary, offering high-quality entertainment and a third alternative for viewers with its unique and daring contents. The channel is home to emblematic and trend-setting original shows, popular movies and nationwide series premieres. VIASAT3‘s well-known local original productions include The Real Housewives of Hungary, The Big Hungarian Bake Off and Mindblowers.
VIASAT6 is one of the few Hungarian channels on the market which specifically addresses the male audience as its primary target group and has a stable viewer base. The channel attracts viewers with unique original productions, action, sci-fi, anime and comedy series in addition to blockbuster movies. VIASAT6 offers a wide variety of new shows, popular series and movies 24/7.
AXN brings the most exciting U.S. and international drama, crime and action series to its viewers all day. The channel is outstandingly popular among the 30-49, female target group. Criminal Minds and the NCIS series are among the viewers’ favourite shows on AXN. Besides the premium acquired contents, many exclusive Sony original productions premiere here on the channel, like L.A.’s Finest, Carter and Absentia.
Sony Max
Sony Max is designed for young female audience with special blocks of realities, cooking shows, girly sitcoms and romantic movie comedies. Sony Max offers everything, what young female audience is looking for.
Sony Movie Channel
Sony Movie Channel brings movie experience through modern masterpieces, recent classics and cult movies. The TV channel of one of the biggest movie producer companies of the world will have a bit of male skew, with contents nicely packed together into specific themes and stunts. Sony Movie Channel is just like the friend, who makes even a Friday night spent home watching movies the best.