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TV companies around the world celebrate World Television Day on 21 November to remind us of the attention-grabbing power that Total TV holds. As part of the annual United Nations initiative, a 30 second-spot will be broadcast and shared online worldwide.

Today’s TV captivates, fascinates, and holds audiences’ attention

The 26th edition of World Television Day celebrates a global reality: TV has a way of pulling you in more than any other medium. Television is always available, at home and on the go, across all screens – large or small – live or streamed; offering both collective and feel-like-me experiences. 

From the very start, television has kept its finger on the pulse of society by drawing viewers’ attention to newsworthy events and societal issues. It keeps audiences glued to the screen with information they trust, high-quality series that fascinate, movies that captivate, content that holds their attention - and more.

Attention has also become increasingly important to brands, who understand the impact of this new metric: the greater the ad attention, the greater the business results. As TV delivers one of the highest and most consistent levels of attention to both its content and advertising, it is a medium with unequalled effectiveness.

“Television plays a crucial role in bringing important issues to our attention and forming public opinion. It helps people to stay informed on the topics that matter, from peace and security to climate change, from the pandemic to inequality. It is also a symbol for global communication that can help us to find solutions to the world’s issues, together.”  - Sherri Aldis, Director, UNRIC

“The TV industry continues to build a more sophisticated understanding of ad attention. As content providers and brands compete for consumers' attention, this emerging metric will help demonstrate that TV delivers the short and long-term results both programmers and advertisers require. On World TV Day, we shine a light on the emerging attention economy and celebrate Total TV's role in it,” asserts Katty Roberfroid, Director General, egta.

For more information, please visit http://www.worldtelevisionday.com

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The Global TV Group is a grouping of broadcasters’ and sales houses’ trade bodies in Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia and Latin America, whose joint objective is to promote television and remind advertisers, journalists, agencies and industry peers about the effectiveness and popularity of TV.

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egta is the association representing television and radio sales houses, either independent from the channel or in-house, that markets the advertising space of both private and public television and radio stations throughout Europe and beyond. egta fulfils different functions for its members in fields of activities as diversified as regulatory issues, audience measurement, sales methods, interactivity, cross-media, technical standards, new media, etc. During its more than 40 years of existence, egta has become the reference centre for television and radio advertising in Europe. egta counts more than 160 members operating across 43 countries.

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