New Vice Presidents in MEME

Vidus Gabriella, Vaszily Miklós

During its General Assembly held in April the Association of Hungarian Television Broadcasters (MEME) chose Gabriella Vidus (CEO of RTL) and Miklós Vaszily (President CEO of TV2 Media Group) for its two new Vice Presidents. Their mandate is for two years.

•  Gabriella Vidus is constant person on the list of the most influential media managers since ages. Graduated in 1997 as Economist from the College of Commercial and Tourism, later from  the Faculty of Marketing of Budapest University of Economics as Marketing economist. She started her career  in 1997 working for TV2, contemporaneously the beginning of the commercial television in Hungary. In 2000 she joined the RTL Klub, where she became commercial manager two years later. Since 2004 she was the Executive Assistant of recently founded R-time, then from 2008 she became the managing director of R-time, and the Commercial Director of RTL Klub. From the 1st of July, 2015 she works as the CEO of RTL Hungary. Since 2017 she is the vice president of Hungarian Advertising  Association elected by the media sector.

Miklós Vaszily graduated in 1996 from the Department of Finance of the Management School of Budapest University of Economics, and one year later, in 1997 from the Faculty of Law of ELTE. After graduation he started working as a stock market analyst, and in 2001 he joined as co-owner and became CEO of Net Média Zrt., the company operating the economic news portal In 2005 he became the Chief Executive Officer of Zrt., as well as Head of Operations of its owner, the CEMP media group. From 2010 to 2014 he worked as CEO of Origo Zrt. owned by the Hungarian Telekom Group. He joined MTVA in 2015, first as Deputy Operations Manager, then as Acting CEO, and since 2016 as its appointed CEO. From the end of 2018 he was the CEO of Echo Hungaria TV Ltd. Since 2019 spring he was elected the president of TV2 Media Group’s board.