2013 Autumn

In addition to the television screen, watching and consumption of television content also on other tools and platforms, in different forms. Evolution and changing of the content, different uses, their appearance on several portable tools and other platforms. Expectations, habits, trends and the most important limitations and difficulties that multi-screen content consumers face, as well as the potential inherent to this area.
Through the results, the research strives to facilitate the market players’ preparation for the new situation from the aspect of content production, distribution and regulation, highlighting the characteristics of multi-screen content consumption, by focusing on its challenges and potential.
In the course of the research we were looking for answers to the following questions:
- How is content chosen in different situations and through different platforms?
- How does the viewer’s algorithm work?
- What factors influence the choice between platforms, brands and different content, and how do they rank according to their significance?
- What segments, consumer groups and behaviour patterns are relevant to the choice of the content to be consumed? What demographic factors may be reflected in the differences between these?
- How does the transition take place from one platform to the other (linear, DVR, VOD, OTT etc.)? How does this influence the priorities between different needs and dimensions?
- What determines inclinations towards the choice of a particular platform? What limitations may surface during the usage of particular platforms?
- When are decisions made?