Médiaszolgáltatás-támogató és Vagyonkezelő Alap (MTVA)

MTVA (Media Service Support and Asset Management Fund) is the media service supporter and asset manager organization of Duna Media Service Provider Non-Profit Private Limited Company which is responsible for all the public service television, radio and online services, as well as the public service news agency activities (MTI) in Hungary.

1037. Bp. Kunigunda útja 64.
Center of Hungarian news production. Reports from every places all around the world, whenever anything newsworthy happens. Ratings of M1 are the highest among all news channels on the market, it is even more than the accumulated ratings of all other channels altogether. M1 fulfils a significant role by reaching the senior professionals, an important part of the audience. They choose M1 if they need some information and spend about 15 minutes viewing it per day. Younger audience also chooses M1 more and more oftener. While news channels in Europe have about 1-1.5% ratings, M1 has an average viewership of more than 3%, and breaking news could reach about 5-6 percent. The thematic actual information and news channel was launched March 15, 2015. Akkor, amikor! (Whenever it happens) Flagshow: Híradó (News), Ma reggel (This morning), Foreign language news (English, German, Russian, Chinese)
One of favourite children programming channels of Hungary that provides high quality Hungarian and foreign shows and animated series. In 2013, M2 earned a prize from EUTELSAT called the Best Children Channel in Europe. M2 marks out from other channels by children-friendly, non-violent content, there are absolutely no unsettling scenes.. Régi barátok új csatornán! (Old friends on a new channel) Flagshow: Grimm, Disney, Gyerekhíradó (Children News)
M2 / Petőfi TV
Evening and night timeslots of M2 (20:00 – 6:00). By launching Petőfi TV, M2 has become entirely dedicated to children and youth. Students, young professionals and families with smaller kids can find high quality programs on the channel. Petőfi TV also provides live programs from popular world class spots like A38 and Aquarium, connects audience to bigger cities where concerts and other cultural events are going on. Evening magazines provide topics that help younger audience in everyday life.. Nagyon ott van! (It is very there!) Flagshow: Én vagyok itt! (I am here!)
The most popular sports channel in Hungary, that has more viewers than all other sports channels altogehter. 16 different highlited sports can be found on screen, like Formula-1, Champions League, all national championships, water polo, etc. Program also puts emphasis on portraits of athlets, international and national sport events. M4 provides about 10 hours live sport broadcasting every day. It had record breaking viewership statistics during the 2016 Summer Olympic Games and FIFA 2016 European Championship. Flagshow: Champions League, NB1, games of the national soccer team, Formula-1, Sporthétfő, GÓÓÓL!
This is a public service channel that is entirely dedicated to education, learning, documentaries, and arts. M5 puts emphasis on Hungarian and European culture, althogh it is open to the world and provides different aspects of human cultural heritage. The target audience of the channel is also that part of the population open to the world and ready to learn new things. Its daytime programming contains mostly educational content, even in foreign languages to help learning them, and the evening timeslot is ruled by cultural and art shows, concerts, theatrical productions and cultural news magazines. Jót s jól! (Good in a good way) Flagshow: Érettségi (Matriculation), Szólalj meg! Ismerd meg! Kulturális Híradó (Spek! Learn! Cultural News), Vers mindenkinek (Poetry for all), Esti kérdés (Question of the night), Előszó (Prologue), Hétvégi belépő (Weekend entrée), Új idők új dalai (New songs of new times)
Main national public service channel that provides mostly entertainment programs (A Dal, Fölszállott a páva, Gasztroangyal, Virtuózok), game shows (Maradj talpon!), talk shows (Ridikül) and other high rating contents. Flagshow: Magyarország, szeretlek! (I love my country), Maradj talpon! (Still standing), Fölszállott a páva (folk music talent show), A Dal (national pre-Eurovision song contest), Virtuózok (classical music talent show for kids and young musicians), Gasztroangyal (food)
Duna World
Dedicated to Hungarians living all around the world. Selection of the best programs of Duna and M1. Receivable in Hungary as well, but time slots are synchronized with Australian, American and European prime time. Falgshow: Öt kontinens- Egy nemzet! (Five continents - One nation)