Ad Cake 2018

27th February, 2019.

Television advertising revenue over 60 billion HUF

Television advertising revenue exceeded HUF 60 billion last year, according to analysis by the Hungarian Association of Electronic Broadcasters (MEME) and the consulting company EY. Spot advertising still determines the market, on which private sector players are taking an increasing share compared to state advertisers.
The 14th consecutive MEME and EY report shows that advertising revenue increased in 2018 compared to the previous year. The expansion rate reached HUF 510 million, which represents 1% growth. The value of the advertising market overall was HUF 60.7 billion, which includes spot (classic television commercials) and non-spot ads (such as product placement or program sponsorship).

“Over the past three years, in addition to slowing growth, television advertising revenue has grown by more than 17%. While advertising revenue in the private sector has increased, in the public sector it seems to have dropped”, said Krisztián Kovács, President of MEME.
Orders from the public sector accounted for 11%, or HUF 6.9 billion, of television advertising revenue, a 7% decrease compared to 2017. Meanwhile, advertising revenues from the private sector grew by 2%, approaching HUF 53.8 billion.

“The sector was still dominated by revenues from classic spots last year. These expenditures accounted for 94% of channel advertising revenues, or nearly HUF 57 billion. Non-spot revenues rose 9% to HUF 3.7 billion, while advertisers are placing increasing emphasis on it in their marketing strategy as well” added Judit Bindics, Head of Risk Management Services at EY.