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Network4 is the largest independent media and television group in Hungary. Founded in 2005 the group started out by launching the one basic cable channel now branded as TV4. Over the years our portfolio has grown to five linear television channels, the latest being a sports channel, with online service being launched shortly:

• TV4


1037. Budapest, Jablonka lejtő 13.
STORY4 is a channel with heavy focus on female entertainment, as shown by the high number of romantic series and telenovelas in its broadcast schedule. STORY4 will also have its share of nationwide premieres such as ”In aller Freundschaft – Die jungen Ärzte”, originally aired on ARD in Germany. It is the most successful recent German medical drama series. Turning to evergreen content “7th Heaven” (the series kickstarting the careers of Jessica Biel, Ashlee Simpson and Haylie Duff) and Amy Brennan’s “Judging Amy” are yet again poised to be flagship programs of the channel along with “Traumschiff” (ZDF) and “Traumhotel” (Sat1). A number of German produced romantic movies are also there to provide the variety for lovers of this genre, with adaptations of Rosamunda Pilcher’s, Katie Fforde’s and Inga Lindström’s novels.
TV4 is the home of family-friendly classic series and movies. Highly popular shows such as “Desperate Housewives” (multiple Golden Globe- and Primetime Emmy winner) and “Grey’s Anatomy”, the BAFTA-winning series of Agatha Christie’s eternal classics “Poirot” and “Mrs. Marple” and the ever funny and thrilling “Murdoch Mysteries” as well as the ever popular “Brokenwood Mysteries”. The lineup welcomes newcomers such as the top-rated British series “Endeavour” and CBS’ 2019 entry to the action-adventure fare “Blood & Treasure” with Matt Barr, Sofia Pernas, James Callis and Katia Winter. Classic series from “Charmed” and “MacGyver” to “Doc Martin” are still on heavy rotation for those who like to pop down and spend a relaxing hour or two with their loved ones in front of the telly.
GALAXY4 is the most male oriented channel of the television group’s entertainment portfolio. The channel is mainly driven by crime shows which give a taste of what the world is currently watching - when it comes down to crime (and naturally, punishment!). GALAXY4 has the “Canadian Republic of Doyle”; the British “Midsomer Murders” (now in its 21st season) and “Vera”; one of Amazon’s best original shows, “Bosch” (based on the bestsellers of Michael Connelly) with the stellar “Titus Welliver” in the titular role; Australia’s favourite “Doctor Blake Mysteries”; “The 100 Code” providing exciting Scandinavian noir; Canada’s second outing on the channel, “Romeo Section”, a Le Carré-esque spy thriller featuring Stargate SG-1’s own Amanda Tapping; accompanied by the brand new run of popular German crime series “Tatort”, which has been on the air on ARD for over 30 years.
Building on the traditions of Hallmark Channel, which has had a successful presence in the Hungarian market, FILM4 broadcasts feature and made for television movies with a focus on female viewers. To further emphasize the close relation in style to Hallmark Channel, FILM4 broadcasts classic and brand-new titles that are available on this venture in the US and elsewhere. Apart from such content the channel equally focuses on new US and European (mainly French, UK and German produced) romantic titles as well as female crime, mystery and thriller movies.
ARENA4 is the fresh face of sports in Hungary, which is far more than an ordinary sports channel; it’s pure adrenalin. True to its name, ARENA4 stands on four pillars; football, American sports, martial arts and technical sports - with two series in technical sports. Those who love two wheels and high speed will have “MotoGP” to watch, and those who are dedicated to four wheels will have the North American “IndyCar”. Football lovers will be delighted with what they will find here; the classic, old-school, traditional British football in the purest form of the game. We are providing the toughest matches from the “Scottish Premier League” featuring Rangers and Celtics, and the “English Championship” with the stakes no higher than making into the big boys’ club, the Premier League. Naturally, you have to win the Championship to do that, with 21 other teams fighting it out. Are you fascinated by the American sports? Then you get to watch “NHL”, the world’s most prestigious hockey league and “American College Football”, the stairway to NFL. Talking about professional football: why not watching “NFL” on ARENA4? That’s right, from 2020 the most watched professional American sport has a new home on ARENA4. All the games, all the hits, all the blocks and all the touchdowns – we got them all from the first game day to the last second of the “Super Bowl”. And you’re into martial arts, say no more: we have “professional boxing”, “cage fights” and “WWE” for the lovers of wrestling. ARENA4 gives you such sports that will draw you to your screen… and never let you go.