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Origo-NWM group is Hungary’s influential multi-platform content provider. Market leader in advertising revenues and attendance. Its’ portfolio includes news sites and, female site, weather site, city and regional guides and, e-mail service [freemail], search engine, video sharing platform and thematic television channels LifeTV and OzoneTV.

1149 Budapest, Angol u. 65-69.
OzoneTv is Hungary’s first green channels where we seek the answer for how can we adapt to the fact that our resources and our living spaces are continuously decreasing whilst we have to search for the opportunities of how can we protect everyone’s living space, our Planet. Humans are selfish and we really harnessed Earth and it her turn to at her back something. We trust in the individuals and believe that the work and fights the environmentalist organizations are doing is not for nothing. Everybody can make something, for example to teach our children the proper use of the recycle bins, or simply collecting rainwater. Even the fact that you always use reusable bags for shopping makes a difference. Every tiny movement we make, if we make it well-thought-out can help Earth to survive the exploitation of the past decades. We are neither not super optimistic nor real pessimistic about the changes we are aiming for. We not only deal with the issues which ruin Earth but we also wish to show our viewers its unexceptional beauties and we also wish to make a wakeup call that even YOU can help to make a change in order to protect this planet. OzoneTv is dedicated to ’green efforts’. It is important to us to protect the values of Earth by showing the most unbelievable landscapes of our planet and also encourage our viewers to think more ’green’. The channel aims to show the beauties and cultural values of Hungary and other parts of the world. Our week daily programme, ’Egyenlítő’ (Equator) is an opinion and battle of words programme about sustainable development, environmental protection, ecology, about a more beautiful and better future. In the programme we talk with experts, scientists, people whose opinion can make a difference about the following themes; environmental consciousness, eco-agriculture, the connection between man and nature, wildlife, weather, scientific news, space research and the social and economical situation of countries and ethnic groups.
LifeTv is the Hungarian lifestyle channel. Our aim is to entertain you and also give you a helping hand. We are women; we are both strong and gentle. Our main desire is to do something, we fight with ourselves, and we fight with the world in order to accept ourselves and in order to accept the world. LifeTv shows us how many common we have in each other even though we look different. You could be either curvy or skinny, you could be a wife or a single, mother or teenager, you can find everything you are interested in. We will talk about body image, fine dining, sports, healthy eating, illnesses and their solutions, sex, addictions, celebrities, weddings and babies. You will find the content which will catch your interest in every issue; you can really relax with us. Our channel is a real gap-filling one on the Hungarian television market as LifeTv creates valuable own production contents in order to cope other channels of the same lifestyle thematic. Our aim is to entertain our viewers with special contents so we can be a channel where everyone can find their informing, entertaining contents. You can find exciting documentaries, series presenting rouser human fates, realities which feature extraordinary humans and also partner dating contents among our acquired programmes. Our own production deals with the following thematic: family issues, children rising, problems of the body and soul and it also helps you when you want to eat, live and stay healthy.