Media Vivantis Műsorszolgáltató Zrt

Origo-NWM group is Hungary’s influential multi-platform content provider. Market leader in advertising revenues and attendance. Its’ portfolio includes news sites and, female site, weather site, city and regional guides and, e-mail service [freemail], search engine, video sharing platform and thematic television channels LifeTV and OzoneTV.

1036 Budapest, Lajos utca 126-130.
The renewed Ozone Television is the only green TV channel of Hungary. The well-known programmes were rebranded and in addition to our new licenced programmes we will air new locally produced shows. Ozone Univerzum is a new magazine show dedicated to space exploration with scientific approach. The popular Egyenlítő has also been going through a renewal. This talkshow became an informative environmentalist programme with news and scientific explanations. Titokzatos Magyarország guides the audience into unknown places hiding secrets and interesting background stories. Ozone Utazás shows foreign countries, cities and landscapes all around the world from the presenter’s point of view. This travel TV show features an unique style with humour and also with historical authenticity. Besides our nature, wildlife and environmental themed programmes we also highlight the beauty of the world. Our aim is to alert people that we are all responsible for protecting the Earth. We would like to inform, educate and make our viewers think and to encourage change of their attitude. Thinking is cool!
Life TV is Hungary’s only television channel that represents a high demand entertainment by broadcasting shows with a positive feeling. Our goal is to entertain our viewers with special contents and to give them a helping hand when they are in need. Almost 20 own production shows of ours are made with well-known and highly appreciated celebrities, who authentically and with a good mood distribute the message of the channel. They deal with family issues, talk about child-bringing questions, physical and spiritual problems, they help viewers to live and eat healthy, do sports properly. Andrea Szulák’s show called ‘Nyugi! Köztünk marad…’ is a mixture of a talk and a gameshow. The popular host always asks piquant/provocative/moral - so in one word ‘special’ - questions. In ‘OLD(S)COOL’ there are three experienced divas, who give life-skills advice to youngsters. This is a life coaching programme from three real women, who try to share their life experiences with the youth in order to solve their everyday problems. The three loudmouthed ladies are: Cecília Esztergályos, Éva Bay and Bea Karda. Andrea Várkonyi’s show called ‘Női titkok’ she has deep talks with famous and ordinary people about life, sex-life, relationships in a cosy flat set. The talks can be piquant, intimate or and sexy. Amongst the acquired contents there are exciting documentary, inspirational series that shows human fate, reality series that shows extraordinary people and trendy dating show as well. LIFE TV’s goal is to show quality, specialty, interesting and attractive content. We show programmes that touches viewers’ soul and inspires them to think forward.