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TV2 Group

TV2 Group is Hungary's largest television portfolio. In 2016, the media company made the biggest program investment of the last 15 years, expanding its offering with several new channels. With 14 stations since February 2019, the channel family addresses all commercially important target groups. Its flagship is TV2, home to well-known brands such as Exatlon Hungary, Bezár a Bazár, or Mokka, the market leader for years, and Tények Plusz, which has become popular in a short time. Among the general entertainment channels is SuperTV2, which broadcasts the daily series of Jóban Rosszban. Movie and series channels bring the popular classics and the latest to the viewers: Mozi+, Moziverzum, Prime, Jocky and Izaura TV. The masculine fun providing Spíler1 and Spíler2 are for sports enthusiasts, among its most popular content we can find the Premier League, La Liga and UEFA Champions League broadcasts. Laughter is guaranteed by Humor+. Fem3 offers trendy lifestyle themes, while the music is provided by Zenebutik. TV2 Séf is recommended for lovers of gastronomy, meanwhile for the youngest TV2 Group propones TV2 KIDS.

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TV2 as one of Hungary's leading commercial channels has been providing entertainment to millions of viewers for 22 years. Due to the extremely high proportion of self-produced content, TV2's offering is unique and not to be missed. With a variety of shows, it provides a complete arsenal of emotions and experiences, refills, inspires, and brightens up viewers' lives. Current Shows: Mokka, Mokkacino, Tények, Tények Plusz, Exatlon Hungary, Mintaapák,
SuperTV2, the channel launched seven years ago, is now characterized by dynamic growth and a stable viewer base, thanks to self-produced content. SuperTV2's flagship is the daily series Jóban Rosszban.
Barely one year after the launch of TV2 Group's first movie channel, the Mozi+, it reached the top of the viewership chart. It offers popular and high-quality content thanks to long-term contracts with major American film studios. Every real movie fan will find their favorite on the channel, whether it's action, adventure, sci-fi, comedy or even family movie.
Spíler TV
With exclusive sports broadcasts and premium purchased content, Spíler1 and Spíler2 TV offer a masculine entertainment experience for the viewers. We can find the Premier League, La Liga and UEFA Champions League broadcasts among the most popular content. As exclusive content, the channel broadcasts the world's most prestigious motorcycle racing (MotoGP). In the future, the channel prepares many new features, including self-produced programs, new contracts in commentator and professional commentator posts, and even more analysis and backing to support broadcasts.
Izaura TV is here to please fans of romantic TV series with series premieres and popular series stars. Launched in 2016, the channel offers guaranteed entertainment for lovers of romantic series as it brings in telenovelles woven through with romance, drama and history, from all around the world. The program structure is based on popular audience favorites (Esmeralda, Édes dundi Valentina, Paula és Paulina), international success series (Tiltott szerelem, A Silla királyság ékköve) and classic telenovelles (Vad Angyal, Maria).
The Zenebutik provides light entertainmentwith the assistance of the most popular domestic artists and the most famous musicians in the world and after it’s 2016 launch it soon become an important player in the Hungarian musical life, it’s audience base show continual to growth. The channel's diverse offering is enhanced by self-produced content. Lajos Galambos, the uncrowned king of entertainment music, is also making a program for the channel. Ádám Fásy, the icon of the night-time music, has several self-produced content. The channel revisits previous, highly successful self-produced content: Az ének iskolája, a Nagy Duett.
The Prime raised the quality level of entertainment, in it’s program offering both national premieres (Hawaii Five-O) and viewer favourite series like NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, A hegyi doktor – újra rendel, Charly, majom a családban and Dr. Csont can be found.
The Fem3 offers a variety of options for those vivacious, passionate women who are happily switching to a lifestyle channel, where the pillars of the diverse program structure are the self-produced programs ( Shopping királynők), and the popular talk shows and reality contents (A nagy házalakítás, Esküvő első látásra, a Mondj igent a ruhára).
The TV" KIDS checks in with good old favourites day by day for the amusement of the youngest. In addition to the entertaining content, educational content also plays a key role in the children's channel. The most popular titles are: Hupikék törpikék, Mása meséi, Eperke és barátai, Grizzy és a lemmingek, Agyafúrt sztorik, Bob, a mester, Garfield és barátai.
TV2 Séf
The program offering of TV2 Séf has been created based on the needs of the Hungarian viewers, numerous Hungarian content awaits the lovers of gastronomy, like Hal a tortán, Hentesek, Adri’s Kitchen, Konyhatündér – Marton Adrival, Lázár és Géza a retro konyhasó és a Stahl konyhája. Romantic and movies related to gastronomy also entertain viewers in addition to cooking shows. Of course, the channel offers international flavors as well, with professional advice from Gordon Ramsay, Michael Chernow, Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson.
TV2 Comedy
TV2 Media Group’s humor channel TV2 Comedy. On the channel, viewers can choose from a wide range of comedy series, national TV premieres or the biggest audience favorites. Among other things, Married with Children or on the weekday evenings How I met your mother fun is guaranteed. And on Saturday evenings from 9 pm, the films will feature a series of comedies and comedies.
On the Jocky TV series channel launched in February 2019, long time not seen favourites, familiar faces and numerous national premieres await the fans of the genre. I.e.: Dallas, Columbo, Derrick, A Klinika.
The Moziverzum film channel was launched in February 2019. Featuring foreign and Hungarian blockbusters, classics, award-winning productions and national premieres, it awaits film fans with comics, action, sci-fi, drama and family movies. Among the Hungarian channels, only here can one watch the Oscar Gala live.