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TV Ad-cake 2023

A comprehensive survey provided by the Association of Hungarian Electronic Broadcasters (MEME)

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Conclusive findings of the Television Advertisement Cake Survey, 2023

TV Ad-cake 2022

Conclusive findings of the Television Advertisement Cake Survey, 2022

The Hungarian television advertising market achieved a total revenue level exceeding HUF 74.5 billion in 2022, a result very close to the total of HUF 75 billion achieved by the sector in 2021. Commercial revenues yet again proved to be the main driving force behind the segment's strong performance.

TV Ad Cake 2021

Ad Cake 2021: soaring domestic television advertising market revenues

Television advertising revenues increased by 17.1% to HUF 75 billion in 2021, according to an analysis by the Association of Hungarian Electronic Broadcasters (MEME) and the consulting firm EY.

TV Ad Cake 2020

Ad Cake 2020: Domestic advertising market revenues dropped in 2020

Television advertising revenue decreased by 3.8% to HUF 64.05 billion in 2020, according to an analysis by the Association of Hungarian Electronic Broadcasters (MEME) and the consulting firm EY. While private sector spending fell by 5.9 percent, the public sector’s share exceeded previous year’s result by 11.4 percent. The economic situation caused by COVID-19 had a negative impact mostly on spot adverts (classic television commercials). Meanwhile, market demand for non-spot advertisements including product placement and sponsorship appearances continued to rise.


Ad Cake 2019

The Hungarian television advertising market is growing even bigger

Television advertising revenue exceeded HUF 65 billion in 2019, according to an analysis by the Association of Hungarian Electronic Broadcasters (MEME) and the consulting firm EY. For the first time, barter transactions made last year were also included in the report. Product placement and sponsorship appearances soared last year as well.


Ad Cake 2018

27th February, 2019.

Television advertising revenue over 60 billion HUF

Television advertising revenue exceeded HUF 60 billion last year, according to analysis by the Hungarian Association of Electronic Broadcasters (MEME) and the consulting company EY. Spot advertising still determines the market, on which private sector players are taking an increasing share compared to state advertisers.
The 14th consecutive MEME and EY report shows that advertising revenue increased in 2018 compared to the previous year. The expansion rate reached HUF 510 million, which represents 1% growth. The value of the advertising market overall was HUF 60.7 billion, which includes spot (classic television commercials) and non-spot ads (such as product placement or program sponsorship).

Ad Cake 2017

Continued Growth on the Advertising Market
The size of the 2017 advertisement cake was HUF 240.98 billion
Budapest, 28 February 2018
– The Hungarian Advertising Association (MRSZ) and its co-associations once again used the Evolution conference to publish their data on the 2017 advertising expenditure. The size of the 2017 ad cake was HUF 240.98 billion, which compared to the previous years’ HUF 216.09 billion constitutes a similar, 11.52% growth. Each segment of the ad cake retained its position from last year, and an increase was noted in all media types.
The ranking of the media types did not change compared to 2016. On-line continues to be the strongest market player, representing 31.71%. Nevertheless, even despite drawbacks, each and every segment realised some growth. The largest increase (18.48%) took place in print, followed by the growth of the internet (14.38%) and the 13.44% expansion of the public domain.
The state became the largest player of the advertising industry already back in 2016, and its role has strengthened ever since. ”If you look at the numbers through an outsiders’ eyes, you will see great results and a healthy market. At the same time you cannot overlook the fact that the state takes more than HUF 40 billion from the ad cake. However, compared to the previous year, we can see higher numbers also in the commercial segment, which gives us good reason to be hopeful, even though current ad expenditures are still below the pre-crisis GDP-proportionate levels.

Ad Cake 2016

9th May, 2017.

Advertisement cake 2016: revenues reach 56 billion HUF

The total revenue generated by TV ads reached 56 billion HUF in 2016, resulting in a growth of 9 percent compared to the results of the previous period. Traditional spot ads were dominant, generating 96 percent of all revenues – states the joint report of the Association of Hungarian Television Broadcasters (MEME) and EY.

EY and MEME released their joint report on the Hungarian TV ad market for the 12th time this year. According to the report, the revenue of the TV ad market has grown by 22,8 percent since 2013. Including spots and non-spots, the total size of the TV Advertisement Cake reached 56 billion HUF last year.

"With a 9 percent growth, television remained the dominant player on the ad market with its 26 percent share. Compared to the private sector though, the ratio of state ad spending grew more last year” – said Krisztián Kovács, president of MEME. 


Ad Cake 2015

Advertisement Cake 2015: Television advertising in Hungary experienced continued growth in revenue

Budapest, Thursday, 18 February 2016

On the whole, in 2015 television advertising revenue continued to grow in Hungary. Compared to the previous year of 2014, last year the television advertisement cake grew by 3 percent, amounting to HUF 51.5 billion. According to the common yearly report of EY and the Association of Hungarian Broadcasters (MEME), other (cable) channels realised revenue growth by almost one third. Results of the 2015 advertisement cake survey were presented at a press conference last Thursday.



Ad Cake 2014